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Exam form submission of IGNOU is going to be over in just a few days.

Dear student, you have to start your study for IGNOU’s June 2018 exam.

As we always see that Students get the book very late and other students do not get books so that they face difficulty in passing their Term End Examination.

For the Term End exams of  IGNOU, we provide study notes/IGNOU suggestion to IGNOU candidate every year through our ANSARI INSTITUTE.

Our study notes/suggestion are prepared by qualified and expert teachers, you can easily read the study notes. And we also provide some important and expected questions with it. IGNOU study notes/suggestion is very helpful for IGNOU’s students. Mostly the students of IGNOU are job holder either government or private sector. And some students are doing their vocational course from other institutes. They do not have proper time to attend their classes. Therefore, our study notes will also be very helpful for them.

In our Ansari institute, we provide tuition to IGNOU learners for their IGNOU Term examination. Also, those students who cannot come directly at the Institute, we offer study related help through postal tuition as well as online study material.  Notes suggestion are very helpful for term end examination. If you want to buy notes from our Ansari Institute then you can order online from our website or you can also contact on Whatsapp or call us.

The only purpose of providing our notes is that no student of  IGNOU  can face problem for appearing in IGNOU term end exam.

You can also download the notes/suggestion on your mobile/computer and read it.

Having good study notes help you in learning your books easily.

IGNOU exam notes are extremely important for making term end exam preparation.

Benefits of study notes

Easy to learn any time any were

Save your time


BSHF101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences
FEG01/BEGF1 Foundation Course in ENGLISH – I
FEG02 Foundation Course in ENGLISH -II
BEGE101 From Language to Literature
BEGE102 The Structure of Modern English
BHDF101 Hindi Me Adhar Pathyakaram-I
FHD02 Hindi Me Adhar Pathyakaram-I
EHD1/BHDE1 Hindi Gadya
EHD02 Hindi Kavya
EHI01 Modern India (1857-1964)
EHI02 Earliest Times to 8th Century
ESO11 The Study of Society
ESO12 Society in India
EPS11 Political Ideas and Ideologies
EPS12/BPSE212 Government and Politics in India
EPA01 Administrative Theory
EPA02/BPAE102 Political Ideas and Ideologies
BPC001 General Psychology
BPC002 Developmental Psychology
BPC003 Research Methods In Psychology
BPC004 Statistics In Psychology
BPY001 Indian Philosophy: Part I
BPY002 Logic: Classical and Symbolic Logic
TS01 Foundation Course In Tourism
TS02 Tourism Development: Products, Operations And Case Studies

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