ignou bshf101 solved assignment 2016-17

Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences

Tutor Marked Assignment


Course Code: BSHF-101

Assignment Code: BSHF-101/AST/TMA/2016-17

Total Marks: 100


Note: Instructions are there with each section.

DCQ: Answer any two in about 500 words each.

1. Compare and contrast the industrial and the post-industrial society. 20

2. Discuss the role of Gandhi in the national movement. 20

3. Did the juvenile justice Act fulfil its objectives? Comment. 20

4. What is the role of education in the contemporary society? Discuss. 20

MCQ: Answer any four questions in about 250 words each.

5. What is the role of communication in administrative organisations? Discuss. 12

6. What do you understand by the term ‘renaissance’? 12

7. Is globalisation affecting the Indian economy? Comment. 12

8. Is Planning relevant in India today? Discuss. 12

9. What are the main environmental challenges we are facing today? Discuss. 12

10. How do we study the society? Discuss. 12

11. How has the nature of conflict changed in today’s world? Briefly discuss. 12

12. What do you understand by the term ‘Fundamental Rights’ as given in our constitution? 12

SCQ: Write short notes on any two in about 100 words each: 6+6


(i) Directive Principles

(ii) Functions of family

(iii) Bhagat Singh

(iv) ICT and education





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