IGNOU Assignment

IGNOU Assignment

Most candidates were always worried about the IGNOU Assignment. if IGNOU provides little more time in preparing the assignment, it would have been very good. Due to the shortage of time, IGNOU students faced difficulty while submitting assignments to their study centre.

IGNOU Assignment last date

On the 21st February of 2018 IGNOU officially announced that the submission of assignment date is extended from 31st March 2018 to 30 April 2018.


IGNOU Assignment related query

question-IGNOU assignment is compulsory or not.

answer-yes it is compulsory

question-Can I give the assignment of IGNOU after the exam?

answer-no you need to submit your assignment before the term end exam.

question-From where can I receive my assignment question?

answer- from IGNOU official website

When, where, how to submit the IGNOU assignment for my current year.

In the month of March and September, students of IGNOU have to do some vital work, i.e. submitting assignments, submission of Examination Form, 2nd-year / 3rd-year Re-registration etc.


I have seen that mostly the students of IGNOU do not apply their Re-registrations online in the month of March/September. they think how to take admission of the second year before giving a 1st year exam?

But it is compulsory to apply Re-registrations, otherwise, you will not be able to appear the second year in the next year and your session may change.


IGNOU Solved Assignment

Compulsory and Foundation Paper
BSHF-101(Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences) ENGLISH
FST-01 (Foundation Course in Science & Technology) ENGLISH
FEG-01 (Foundation Course in ENGLISH – I) ENGLISH
FEG-02 (Foundation Course in ENGLISH -II) ENGLISH
FST-01 (Foundation Course in Science & Technology) HINDI
FHD-02 (Hindi Me Adhar Pathyakaram-I) HINDI
BHDF-101 (Hindi Me Adhar Pathyakaram-I) HINDI
ERD-01 Rural Development in India HINDI


BA – Bachelor of Arts English Medium
BEGE-101 From Language to Literature ENGLISH
BEGE-102 The Structure of Modern English ENGLISH
BEGE-103 Communication Skills in English ENGLISH
BEGE-104 English for Practical Purposes   ENGLISH
BEGE-105 Understanding Prose   ENGLISH
BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry   ENGLISH
BEGE-107 Understanding Drama   ENGLISH
BEGE-108 Reading the Novel   ENGLISH


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