BCA First Semester Price
CS-610 Foundation Course in English for Computing Rs.150
CS-611 Computer Fundamentals and PC Software Rs.150
BSHF-101 / FHS-01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Soical Sciences Rs.150
BCA 2nd Semester Price
CS-60 Foundation Course in Mathematics in Computing Rs.150
CS-62 ‘C’ Programming & Data Structure Rs.150
CS-612 PC Software Application Skills Rs.150
BCA 3rd Semester Price
CS-63 Introduction to System Software Rs.150
CS-05 Elements of System Analysis and Design Rs.150
FST Foundation Course in Science and Technology Rs.150
FST Foundation Course in Science and Technology Rs.150
BCA 4th Semester Price
CS-06: Introduction to DBMS Rs.150
CS-64: Introduction to Computer Organization Rs.150
CS-65: Window Programming Rs.150
CS-66: Multimedia Rs.150
CS-67: RDBMS Lab Rs.150
BCA 5th Semester Price
CS-68: Computer Networks Rs.150
CS-69/BCS-061 : TCP/IP Programming Rs.150
CS-70: Introduction to Software Engineering Rs.150
CS-71: Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Rs.150
BCA 6th Semester Price
CS-72: C++ and Object Oriented Programming Rs.150
CS-73:Theory of Computer Science Rs.150
CS-74: Introduction to Internet Programming Rs.150
CS-75: Intranet Administration Rs.150